Political Marxism & Ideas – new meeting for the Sussex PM group

The new meeting of the Sussex PM group on Political Marxism & Ideas will take place Friday, 24th of June, 4-6pm in Essex House room 05. The reading programme is the following: Wood, Ellen Meiksins (2011). Citizens to Lords. A Social History of Western Political Thought from Antiquity to the Late Middle Ages, London: Verso. (Introduction)…

Political Marxism on Wikipedia

Wikipedia has an entry for Political Marxism. Please, feel free to contribute to its improvement either directly on the wiki source or send us the edits you wish to adopt.

Gateway for Japanese readers

Prof. Norihisa Yamashita from Ritsumeikan University has  opened ‘Political Marxism and Social Sciences – gateway for Japanese readers‘.  


Welcome to Political Marxism and the Social Sciences.  This website is here to serve as a nexus for researchers, scholars, and all those interested in Political Marxism and its various developments in the Social Sciences.  Please navigate the various pages above to find information related to Political Marxism’s intellectual heritage, its various research clusters, and…