Spencer Dimmock

A number of Spencer Dimmock’s papers are available at his academia.edu page

forthcoming. England’s Second Domesday and the Expulsion of the English Peasantry, Brill: Leiden.

(2019) ‘Expropriation and the Political Origins of Agrarian Capitalism in England’, in Case Studies in the Origins of Capitalism, edited by Xavier Lafrance and Charles Post, Palgrave Macmillan: Cham.

(2015) The Eastern Origins of Capitalism? Unpublished Review Essay of Alexander Anievas and Kerem Nisancioglu “How the West came to Rule: The Geopolitical Origins of Capitalism” (Pluto Press, 2015). Also available here.

(2014). The Origin of Capitalism in England, 1400-1600. Leiden: Brill, Historical Materialism Book Series. Introduction.

(2012). ‘Social conflict in Welsh towns, c. 1280-1530,’ in Helen Fulton (ed.). Urban Culture in Medieval Wales. Cardiff: University of Wales Press.

(2009). ‘The origins of Welsh apprentices in sixteenth-century Bristol,’ in Welsh History Review, 24(4), December, pp. 116-140.

(2008). Review Article of B. Dodds and R. Britnell (eds). Agriculture and Rural Society after the Black Death: Common Themes and Regional Variations. Journal of Agrarian Change, 10(4), October, pp.

(2007). ‘English towns and the transition’, in P. Coss, C. Dyer, and C. Wickham (eds). Rodney Hilton’s Middle Ages, 400-1600. Oxford: Past and Present, Supplement, pp. 270-285.

(2005). ‘Reassessing the significance of towns in late medieval southern Wales’, Urban History, 32(1), pp. 33-45.

(2004). ‘Haverfordwest: an exemplar for the study of southern Welsh towns in the later middle ages,’ Welsh History Review, 22(1), June, pp. 1-28.

(2004). ‘The custom book of Chepstow, 1535-6’, Studia Celtica, 38, pp. 131-149.

(2003). ‘Urban and commercial networks in the later middle ages: Chepstow, Severnside, and the ports of southern Wales,’ Archaeologia Cambrensis, 152, pp. 53-68.

(2001). ‘English small towns and the emergence of capitalist relations, c. 1450-1550’, Urban History, 28(1), pp. 5-24.

(2000). Review Article of J. Whittle, The Development of Agrarian Capitalism: Land and Labour in Norfolk: 1440-1580. Oxford: Clarendon Press. Historical Materialism, 15(1), pp. 199-208.

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