This section collects interviews of prominent authors of the Political Marxist tradition. It is organised by author in alphabetical order and in descending chronological order. Each interview is linked to the archives of their respective magazines.


Brenner, Robert

The State of the Economy is Not Strong (KPFK Radio, 2018)

The Dynamics of Retreat (Jacobin, 2016)

Overproduction not Financial Collapse is the Heart of the Crisis: the US, East Asia and the World (The Asia-Pacific Journal, 2009)

Gerstenberger, Heide

Interview in Historical Materialism (2018)

McNally, David

To Interpret the World is to Change it (Socialist Studies, 2011)

Contours of Crisis (joint interview with Leo Panitch and Sam Gindin, Upping the Anti, 2009)

Post, Charles

Class, Race and Capital-centric Marxism (Salvage, 2017) 

Teschke, Benno

Rethinking International Relations (Viewpoint Magazine, 2016)

Wood, Ellen Meiksins

Interview with Ellen Meiksins Wood (Mothly Review, 1999)

Democracy & Capitalism: Friends or Foes? (New Socialist Magazine, 1996)