State and Society in Ancient Rome

FE Adcock – Roman Political Ideas and Practice
Perry Anderson – Passages from Antiquity to Feudalism
E Badian – Roman Imperialism in the Late Republic
M Beard & MH Crawford – Rome in the Late Republic: Problems and Interpretations
Peter Brunt – Italian Manpower, 225 BC-AD 14
— Social Conflicts in the Roman Republic
MH Crawford – The Roman Republic
Moses I Finley – The Ancient Economy
— Ancient Slavery and Modern Ideology
— Slavery in Classical Antiquity
— Studies in Roman Property
Peter Garnsey – “Peasants in Ancient Roman Society,” Journal of Peasant Studies, 3 (1976) 221-235
Mathias Gelzer – The Roman Nobility
ES Gruen – The Last Generation of the Roman Republic
Keith Hopkins – Conquerors and Slaves
HF Jolowicz and B Nicholas – Historical Introduction to the Study of Roman Law
MR Lefkowitz & MB Fant – Women’s Life in Greece and Rome
AW Lintott – Violence in Republican Rome
R MacMullen – Roman Social Relations, 50 BC to AD 284
Claude Nicolet – The World of the Citizen in Republican Rome
Polybius – The Histories, Bk. VI
Sarah B Pomeroy – Goddesses, Whores, Wives, and Slaves
HH Scullard – A History of the Roman World
GEM de Ste Croix – The Class Struggle in the Ancient Greek World
Robin Seager – The Crisis of the Roman Republic
Ronald Syme – The Roman Revolution
LR Taylor – Party Politics in the Age of Caesar
Joseph Vogt – Ancient Slavery and the Ideal of Man
FM Walbank – Polybius
Thomas Wiedemann – Greek and Roman Slavery