New Historical Materialism Journal Vol 29 Issue 3: Questions on Political Marxism


Editorial Perspective: ‘The Mute Compulsion of Economic Relations’: Towards a Marxist Theory of the Abstract and Impersonal Power of CapitalSøren Mau


Radical Historicism or Rules of Reproduction? New Debates in Political Marxism An Introduction to the Symposium on Knafo and Teschke. Maïa Pal

Political Marxism and the Rules of Reproduction of Capitalism: A Historicist CritiqueSamuel Knafo and Benno Teschke

The Vacuity of Structurelessness: Situating Agency and Structure in Exploitative and Alienated Social RelationsXavier Lafrance

Structure and Agency in Historical Materialism: A Response to Knafo and TeschkeCharles Post

On ‘The Problem with Brenner’: The Paradox of Agency and the Heresy of ReificationMichael Andrew Žmolek

Mediating Capitalism’s ‘Rules of Reproduction’ with Historical AgencyJessica Evans

Two Historicisms: Unpacking the Rules of Reproduction DebateJavier Moreno Zacarés

Anti-Eurocentric Historicism: Political Marxism in a Broader ContextPedro Salgado

On Stepping Stones and Other Calamities of Marxist HistoriographyHeide Gerstenberger

The Antinomies of Political Marxism: A Historicist Reply to CriticsSamuel Knafo and Benno Teschke