Sussex PM Meeting: Steffan Wyn-Jones on ‘Rethinking Early Cold War United States Foreign Policy’

New PM Meeting on Friday the 21st of November from 13h30 to 15h in Arts C 333

Steffan Wyn-Jones will be presenting his Ph.d thesis entitled ‘Rethinking Early Cold War United States Foreign Policy: The Road to Militarisation’

This thesis rethinks the foundations of US foreign policy in the early Cold War period. In opposition to approaches in IR which privilege an ‘external’ realm of causation, it focuses on the domestic bases for foreign policy formation. In doing so, it develops a political economy approach to the study of foreign policy formation and especially the conduct of warfare through a historical reconstruction of the path towards the Cold War militarisation of US foreign policy.

A summary of the thesis will soon be available and will constitute the basis for discusssion. For those interested, you can contact Samuel Knafo ( to get a copy of it.

The meeting will be held in Arts C 333 (campus map).

Everybody is welcome!