Sussex PM meeting: Michael Andrew Žmolek on ‘Rethinking the Industrial Revolution’

New PM meeting on Thursday, 6th of November 10h00-12h00 (ARTS C 333).

Michael Andrew Žmolek will be presenting his book Rethinking the Industrial Revolution: Five Centuries of Transition from Agrarian to Industrial Capitalism in England (Brill, 2013 / Haymarket, 2014).

zmolekThe book offers the first in-depth study of the evolution of English manufacturing from the feudal and early modern periods within the context of the development of agrarian capitalism. With an emphasis on the relationship between Parliament and working Britons, this work challenges readers to ‘rethink’ the common perception of the role of the state in the first industrial revolution as essentially passive. The work chronicles how a long train of struggles led by artisans resisting efforts by employers to transform production along capitalist lines, prompted employers to appeal to the state to suppress this resistance by coercion.

A chapter of the book will serve as basis for discussion. Those interested, can contact Samuel Knafo ( to get a copy of it.

The meeting will be held in Arts C 333 (campus map).

Everybody is welcome!