The Ellen Meiksins Wood Reader

It is with great pleasure that we can (belatedly) announce on this website, the publication of The Ellen Meiksins Wood Reader, edited by Larry Patriquin (Nippissing University). Released towards the end of 2012 as a part of the BRILL Historical Materialism books series, the Reader is “Organized thematically,” and “brings together selections from Wood’s groundbreaking scholarship, published over three decades, providing an overview of her original interpretations of capitalism, precapitalist societies, the state, political theory, democracy, citizenship, liberalism, civil society, the Enlightenment, globalization, imperialism, and socialism.” The prolific nature of Wood’s diverse writings obviously deserves close scrutiny. The collection of many of Wood’s most valuable contributions in one volume promises to house their insights in a fashion amenable for its introduction to a new generation of scholars and activists. Moreover, the important introductory chapter by Larry Patriquin, offers a synoptic overview of the “method” of Ellen Meiksins Wood, which merits discussion by those interested in Political Marxism.

For more information about the Reader you can visit the BRILL website.

Larry Patriquin, PhD 1996 York University Canada, is Associate Professor of Social Welfare and Social Development at Nipissing University in North Bay Ontario. Patriquin has published on the Industrial Revolution, the history and theory of the Welfare State as well as social policy more generally. His book, Agrarian Capitalism and Poor Relief in England, 1500-1860: Rethinking the Origins of the Welfare State was published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2007.