Autumn 2012 Upcoming Events––Discussion Groups, Presentations and Lectures

Welcome to the new academic year! This Autumn the University of Sussex Research Cluster on Political Marxism will be the center for several interesting events.

Wednesday, October 17th, Can Cemgil, Clemens Hoffmann and Steffan Wyn-Jones will each present papers to the Research Cluster. All three papers are working drafts of material that will later be delivered to the “International Relations, Historical Materialism and Historical Sociology” Conference to take place early November in Ankara, Turkey. Sussex University Arts C 133 from 11:00–13:00.

Monday, November 12th, Professor Charles Post (CUNY) will present his recently published book The American Road to Capitalism (see the earlier post here) to the Research in Progress (RIP) Seminar of the IR Department at the University of Sussex. Sussex University Arts C 233 from 16:00-17:30 

Monday, November 26th, Dr. Geoff Kennedy (Durham) will deliver his paper ‘Republics, Empires, and Historical Materialism’ also to the IR Department’s RIP seminar. Sussex University Arts C 233 from 16:00-17:30. Subsequently, on Tuesday, November 27th, Dr. Kennedy will speak to the Political Marxism research group on the topic of ‘PM and Political Theory.’ Exact place and time tbc.

Tuesday, 11th December, Samuel Knafo and Benno Teschke will speak to some more general concerns within Political Marxism and the Social Sciences. The speakers will deliver a paper which aims to outline the ideas that have organised this research project to date, and to which future intellectual challenges it might address itself. Exact place and time tbc.

Lastly, we would like to announce that Daniel McCarthy, an ESRC Postdoctoral Fellow, as a new participant in the Group. Daniel is working on a project entitled ‘Technology as a form of Institutional Power.’ Welcome Daniel!

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