Clemens Hoffmann on ‘PM and the problem of difference and nationalism’

Welcome to the new academic year! Clemens Hoffmann, Research Fellow at Sussex, will present on PM and the problem of difference and nationalism. October 7, 2-4pm, room TBC.

Clemens wrote his doctoral thesis on the development of nationalist struggles and the emergence of the post-Ottoman international order. He’s currently working on a EU-funded project on Climate Change, Hydro-conflicts and Human Security, where he is responsible for the case studies on Sudan and Cyprus. The project investigates the relationship between state formation, uneven development, environmental change and conflict.

Moreover, welcome to Michael Levien, a doctoral student in Sociology at Berkeley, who’s joining us for the first session. Michael works on Harvey’s notion of ‘Accumulation by Dispossession’ in relation to Special Economic Zones in India.

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