Sussex PM group: discussion on Geopolitics and Carl Schmitt

New discussion in sight for the Sussex PM group. The theme is geopolitics with a focus on the controversial debate on Carl Schmitt. Wednesday, 27th of April, Arts C233 (campus map).


Teschke, B. (2011), ‘Decisions and Indecisions. Political and Intellectual Receptions of Carl Schmitt’, in New Left Review, 67, January-February.

Balakrishnan, G. (2011), ‘The Geopolitics of Separation. Response to Benno Teschke’, in New Left Review, 68, March-April.

Teschke, B. (2011), ‘The Fetish of Geopolitics. A reply to Gopal Balakrishnan’, New Left Review, 69, May-June.

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