Robert Brenner on the Pandemic

The latest issue of New Left Review opens with an essay by Robert Brenner on the Covid-19 bailouts in the United States: Escalating Plunder. The article can be found here.

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The Origins of Capitalism

The Origins of Capitalism is a central area of intellectual concern within Marxism. The discussion (often referred to as the Transition Debate) extends back to the 19th Century, and spans a number of disciplines and theoretical perspectives (in some cases…

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Origins of the ‘State’

R Cohen & ER Service – Origins of the State: The Anthropology of Cultural Evolution Jared Diamond – Guns, Germs, and Steel Frederick Engels – The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State Moses I Finley – Early…

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Debates on Historical Materialism

Louis Althusser – For Marx Perry Anderson – In the Tracks of Historical Materialism — “A Culture in Contraflow – I,” New Left Review 180 (Mar/Apr 1990) — “A Culture in Contraflow – II,” New Left Review 182 (July/Aug 1990)…

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Bradley Bauerly

Brad Bauerly’s page can be found here. (2020) ‘Economic Transition, Class Formation, and the Superintendent State in the Old Northwest, 1860-1900‘, Journal of Historical Sociology, Vol. 33, Issue 1.  (2018) ‘The Agro-Industrial State: Early…

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Robert Brenner

(2011). ‘The Pre-History of Core-Periphery,’ in Peter Hanns Reill and Balázs A. Szelényi (eds). Cores, Peripheries, and Globalization. Hungary: Central European University Press. pp. 203-233 (2010). ‘The Political Economy of Rank-and-File Rebellion,’ in Aaron Brenner,…

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Esben Bøgh Sørensen

(Forthcoming) ‘Unity Makes Strong: Cooperative Organizing in Norden’, in Anker Brink Lund and Haldor Byrkjeflot (ed.) Getting to “Norden”: Exemplary Analyses of Associative Governance, Routledge, forthcoming (co-authored with Mads Mordhorst) (2021) ‘Class Politics for the…

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Robert Brenner on Uneven and Combined Development

“From Feudal Stagnation to Capitalist Dynamism: Uneven Development, Late Development, and Uneven and Combined Development” – public lecture delivered by Robert Brenner at the conference “Uneven and Combined Development for the 21st Century”  (University of Glasgow, September 2019). Here, Brenner…

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Alienation and Emancipation in the Work of Karl Marx

Political Marxist George Comninel has recently published a collection of essays under the title Alienation and Emancipation in the work of Karl Marx. The book is part of the broader series Marx, Engels, and Marxisms, which has published other titles inspired…

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